Meter Data Management Solutions from USSI

Product Information

Meter Data Management System

USSI's Meter Data Management System is the cornerstone of the USSI software package. Functioning as a robust, long term data storage environment, the USSI MDMS effortlessly integrates AMI, CIS, AMR, SCADA and similar data systems allowing our customers to analyze their data and provide tools to review past, present, and even predict future customer needs in an environment that provides, near real time, two-way communication between data systems. The MDMS also acts as the foundation of our Customer Service, Billing, Reporting, and Analysis features for our Smart Grid Solutions. This state-of-the-art system will enable your utility team to measure, monitor, and manage your usage and analysis needs from one simple hub.

Meter Data Management Gateway MultiSpeak

Communicate data instantly and reliably with USSI's MDM Gateway MultiSpeak. This provides a powerful and consistent gateway for data transfer between the USSI MDM infrastructure and numerous other tools and resources including meters, CIS, AMI, and SCADA.

AMI Integration

Our AMI Integration provides consistent two way communication between Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems and the USSI Meter Data Management System and works easily with Automatic Meter Reading systems. USSI's AMI Integration also supports multiple formats of communication with your AMI such as flat files, multiple MultiSpeak versions and more.


Filter and improve your AMI data with help from USSI's Verification, Editing and Estimation processes. Supporting VEE processes allows the MDMS to provide verification of the data and creates a simple to use environment that allows for automated or manual data editing and estimation.