Customer Care and Billing Solutions from USSI

Product Information

Billing Solutions

With our reliable support software, handling complex or standard billing work is enhanced. Our software provides the perfect gateway for secure and reliable data transfer between our Meter Data Management System and your preferred CIS vendor.

Time of Use Tools

As Time of Use (TOU) billing becomes more crucial in today's industry USSI's TOU tools make this more manageable. These tools are a standard part of our Billing and Analysis features.


Do your accounts require grouped AMI/CIS information for billing? With USSI's Totalized billing solution, this problem could be a thing of the past. Totalized also includes specialized configuration and reporting features for those accounts allowing for a more pleasant billing experience.

CIS Integration

Our one stop solution to your CIS needs, CIS Integration provides a two-way communication pathway between USSI's Meter Data Management System and your preferred Customer Information Service vendor. USSI's CIS Integration software also allows for the use of multiple flat file formats and provides communcations for USSI's MDM Gateway Multispeak.