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USSI MDM Dashboard on a Notebook Computer

A comprehensive Meter Data Management System

The foundation of the USSI utility software platform.

Gather, aggregate, and access smart grid data in a fully featured, robust data storage environment.

Two way interfaces to AMI, CIS, SCADA and other smart grid vendor information to allow comprehensive analysis, reporting and communication capabilities.

USSI MDM Location Usage Summary on a Desktop Computer

Advanced Customer Care and Billing Support

Provide effortless access to actionable utility usage and billing data.

Leverage Customer Information System integration and communication to meet the needs of any utility.

USSI MDM Transformer Report on a Surface Pro 3

A data-driven, efficient system for managing various aspects of Utility Operations

Easily correlate data from various utility sources and visualize data with easy to use tools.

Enable utility staff to make efficient business and engineering decisions.

Expose non-technical losses and identify energy theft using advanced revenue protection analysis.

USSI MDM Transformer Report on an iPad

Take advantage of in depth reports with USSI's powerful Reporting tools

As a standard feature of the MDM, our Reporting tools will make your daily information review activities simple.

Our reporting tools can streamline processes and daily routines with in-depth views of service location, meter and system views.


Empower your utility with USSI's Asset Management systems

Let our Utility Analytic software help manage your valuable assets by monitoring line loss, transformer load, and similar asset information.

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