At Utility Software Solutions we take pride in our ability to provide quality software products to electric, water and natural gas utilities of any size and makeup.

USSI provides affordable MDM software that greatly increases the benefit of your AMI, CIS, SCADA, and other sources of system data. The MDM validates meter data, estimates missing meter data, and provides the tools for the Time of Use (TOU) or other complex billing structures that are part of the SmartGrid initiative. Our MDM software has been designed on site at an electric utility much like yours. Guided by real users, our professional programming staff has built easy-to-use on target applications that we offer at affordable pricing. Take a look and give us a call or email. We can arrange a demonstration or bring you to see the software in operation at a utility much like your own.


USSI has been developing software for the electric utility industry for about 25 years. Much of our software was developed and tested with the cooperation of meter utilities while working under a development contract. The USSI Meter Data Management (MDM) software is a mature, progressive and evolving process. USSI’s focus is software development.

Our Priorities

Teamwork is a vital aspect of our software development process. Our whole team is centrally located for constant communication. Furthermore, we stay in touch with our business partners and customers so we can improve our products. We are constantly working with them to find out how we can make our systems work better for them.


We know the utility distribution industry inside and out. USSI has worked with utility providers for years and we know what they expect and desire out of their smart grid data management and analytic tools. We talk to our customers and partners and design our products to precisely match up with the engineering operations and business processes of utility providers.


At USSI, our customers mean everything. Our developers and product support professionals work hard to know and understand their unique needs and circumstances. If they have an issue, we jump into action immediately, and we don't stop until their problem is solved.

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